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I’ve been meaning to update the design, or “theme” or the site for some time now. I’ve finally gotten around to it today. Comments (even negative) are appreciated. I still have some tweaking to do, so if you notice any issues please let me know.


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  1. I like the new look, Link. The issues I’m having are (1) the text needs some breathing room and (2) the main column is a bit too stretched for modern monitors.

  2. Received Jon, thanks. Reply shortly.

    I’m viewing and developing on a Widescreen setup and I don’t find it too stretched. I’ll keep playing around with it however. What do you mean by breathing room?

  3. You got the spacing thing worked out. As far as the width goes, it’s a tough call. You can’t exactly pull a newspaper and do columns. It’s hard to read lines when they’re too long.

  4. ^ Second. lol

    The site looks perfect on my large, dull, 1990s monitor 🙂 On the computer I was using before it looked a little cramped. I’d say because it was 800 x 600, lol. Durn those public computers…

    Anyways! At 1024 x 768 it looks great! (Any better resolution will probably destory my six year old computer, lol.)

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