Dragon’s Lair Lunchbox artwork, Nintendo employee stuff


This thing is impressive.

New ex-Nintendo employee items from bigfuntoys!

Atari CAT Box tester with chip writer

Check this rare Sonic Badge

A promotional item given during a limited period to Sega buyers. This badge has a battery, a LED and a speaker.
You had to keep it turned on while watching TV. When a particular Sega spot was aired, and if you had the winning badge, this plastic Sonic would react to an impulse and start playing the Sonic main theme. After calling a telephone number, winners had to choose a prize between Master System II, Mega Drive, Game Gear, TV Tuner and 2,900 games. Here’s the YouTube video of a TV spot regarding this badge. BTW the testimonial is Jerry Calà , a well known Italian actor! His “Ocio però, sono Giochi Preziosi!” is deeply carved in every Italian gamer from the 90s’mind.

Other stuff:
Nintendo Powerfest T-shirt

After finding another custom Guitar Hero Faceplate I finally decided myself to buy a standard faceplate and try to make a crazy faceplate related to gamesniped. First step, put an offer on a cheap auction.

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. That Sonic is awesome! That’s a pretty interesting contest, thanks for the info! (Did they ever do something that awesome in the States? I don’t think so…)

    The Donkey Kong banana controller sleave is pretty awesome too. I wonder if it’s comfortable holding it with that on it? I mean, it IS a banana, lol.

    I love that faceplate! It’s soooo shiny! (And a really nice starting price!)

  2. A gamesniped custome plate would be pretty awesome. It should have going of the right side (Like the custom plate today) a big target aiming at… Something. Maybe a stack of systems… or something.

  3. I would not play Guitar Hero with a target aiming at a stack of system on my guitar. I mean, it must be more aggressive! Acid! Trippy!
    I’ll wait and see what happends!

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