Sealed Chrono Trigger

Collecting sealed games is not for the faint of heart, nor the light of wallet. Super Nintendo games are no exception, especially considering the in demand RPG’s which fetch a high price in any state.

sealed chrono trigger

sealed super nintendo chrono trigger

I’m looking forward to seeing what someone drops on this sealed Chrono Trigger.

4 Responses to “Sealed Chrono Trigger”

  1. oops i just sent you this link. but damn i wish i would have bought one of these when it was available still. do they still sell time machines on ebay? lol

  2. Awww, damnit. Why couldn’t you wait until tomorrow night to post this? Now the price is definitely going to go up!

  3. If I have a nice state Chrono Cross then I can for a 1 USD make them be a sealed as this one. This is not the original sealed. But if you want to speand you money. Go ahead.

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