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Signed Shigeru Miyamoto Super Famicom

Noramlly, I’m not a fan of signed items. They are waaaay too easy to fake. You can’t argue with this picture however.

signed shigeru miyamoto super famicom

Action here.


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  1. Have a look at that last photo, the console has all sorts of unspeakable filth in the gaps, I’m surprised Shigsy was willing to touch it. Whoever wins that system is going to have to dismantle it and clean between all the parts to get it hygienic.

  2. everything get’s dirty if it’s used. to keep it clean in your way would mean not to use it and that’s a shame in itself. Be resolved in the fact that something you use, no matter what will get dirty and some dirty isn’t worth the effort and actually enhances some things, including people. Merry Xmas everyone, oh Photoboy I think you have a crumb on your shirt… 😉

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