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Life Size Legend Of Zelda Rupee & More

Once again I’ve hit my maximum amount of watched items, so It’s time to clear them out with a Nicola style post.

First, we have an awesome looking vintage Nicola Super Mario Doll, still MIB. Link.

super mario doll 

Next there is the Life Sized Zelda Rupee. Yellow is my personal choice, but there’s tons of other colors as well. The seller actually makes a lot of weird custom video game items (like Final Fantasy Earrings) much of which I think look horrible. That must be just me however, as they do sell to sell well and additionally, they’re a powerseller. Link.

legen of zelda yellow rupee HolyEarrings01

My love of Nintendo Cereal has been established many times on this site. As always, I will feature any auction that involves it. This is an auction for the Hologram box, which seems to be much rarer than the regular edition. It’s not sealed like some of the ones that show up, but should still fetch a nice price anyways. They’ve also got some NOS Mario Air Fresheners. Mmmmm….. twenty five year old Air Fresheners. Must smell nice. Link

nintendo cerea system hologram box front mario-air-freshener

Lastly, this seller currently has three Nintendo DS NFR Cartridges available, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2 and Brain Training. They’ve also got a few pricey Neo Geo MVS Cartridges. I’m still amazed at the quantity of the DS NFR cartridges that keep hitting eBay. Link.

diddy kong racing ds SNK Neo Geo MVS Cartridge Nightmare in the Dark


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  1. Hey a Raiden PCB, awesome. A good game on this site that I can actually afford. Of course it’s the one item listed that wasn’t mentioned on GS.

  2. That “life-size rupee” looks like a piece of tile. And the pic of the rupee on top of the Weighted Companion Cube is pretty weird.

    Also, it’s not just you. Lionheartsrealm has failed to impress many of us in the FFVII fandom (due to their infamous Materia sets, which is how they started out), but still makes us wonder who buys their stuff. Probably the same idiots who buy bootlegged FF collectables because they don’t know any better…

  3. Those are my items for sale, and yes I couldn’t quite get a good picture of those carts for some reason. There was always just too much glare, but the labels are all minty. I will try and get better pics later. BTW, I added some more PCB boards and a supergun.

  4. I have the Mario doll, it was a cousins and is used and missing the hat…
    but i was just wondering how rare those dolls are and how much theyre worth (new and old)
    anyone know?

  5. Life-size Rupee? Wait a minute.. Link is an elf and you’re telling me he can carry 256 of those rocks in his pocket?! That’s just crazy!

    Does Lionheartsrealm actually license through either Nintendo or SquareEnix? They look like a hackjob to me. Piece of wood $1, bathroom tile $2, sparkle spray paint $1, inkjet printout $1 = $5… sell on eBay for $45… NICE PROFIT! πŸ˜›


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