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Indiana Jones Limited Edition Xbox 360 Elite

Apparently, there’s even ANOTHER XBOX 360 LE that I haven’t heard of. This one is the Indian Jones Limited Edition console that only available through the sweepstakes that were held to promote the new Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie around two months ago. Apparently, five of these were made available as prizes.

indiana jones xbox 360 elite 1 indiana jones xbox 360 elite 2 indiana jones xbox 360 elite



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  1. There is a Ninja Gaiden Xbox 360 or whatever that game is called, I am not familiar with Xbox games, but I remember the game has the word Ninja in it. There were 5 available from a Gamestop sweepstakes. I entered but didn’t win of course =P

    It’ll be great if you could find these LE systems before the end of the auction. Thanks!

  2. Man !! xbox360 collectors have to be hardcore and have a lot of $$$

    its not even funny anymore how much limited editions of xbox360’s there are

  3. I will be selling it on an eBay auction within a week. I have no idea what to expect for price on the Ninja Gaiden Xbox 360 elite, but check out the pics, and let me know what you think.

  4. I know this isn’t a timely reply but I actually won the Indian Jones Xbox console contest (believe it or not people don’t collect their prizes and they select a new winner a couple of times that’s how I came to win it)I had to look up the contest thinking it was a scam, because you had to submit your social and address for tax purposes. I got the notice 6 months after the contest was supposed to end. I then sold it on ebay for about $2000, to give some one an idea. It was 1 of 5 made, took a bunch of pictures to remember it by since I’m sure I’ll never see one again. A very fun time.

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