Mr. Boston Clean Sweep Vectrex

We have a treat today, number seven from gameSniped’s world’s most expensive video games. One of only four known to exist cartridges, compete with overlay.


mr. boston clean sweep vectrex mr. boston clean sweep vectrex overlay mr. boston clean sweep vectrex screenshot

6 Responses to “Mr. Boston Clean Sweep Vectrex”

  1. Yeah but the price listed in the rundown is for a complete copy not loose, and this makes six known now as far as I’m aware (the auctioneer’s error there). Still will go for several hundred…

  2. Go Mayhem go! You know you wants it!

  3. Vectrex has a smaller pool of collectors willing to spend 4 figures on an item than say Nintendo or Atari. It will be interesting to see how much this one sells for but I would expect that the price will drop a bit.

  4. Yeah I will be bidding on this… about the only Vectrex notable item I still need…

  5. where could i sell my atari vectrex gaming console?? reply guys or just email me out

  6. Good morning everyone,
    I have a Vextrek that still works and I have a lot of complete games.
    I would like to sell it. What is the best place or website to sell it?
    Have a good day everyone

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