Five Digit Steam Account

This was another new thing to me. Steam accounts, which are essentially free can be worth money. Apparently low four and five digit accounts are in demands and sell for hundreds of dollars.

Why? Well, the “coolness” factor is a big part but there’s more to it as well. From what I gather having an older account creates the perceptions that you are a long time and hence good, player. For those that like to hack this lowers the chance that other players flag them as such.



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  1. Hahah, Removed already. I have a 4 digit account, but that guy even had a lot of games with it. So I don’t think it was anything out of the ordinary.

  2. i dont want a steam acct,but whenever i try to
    load a half life game, itm loads my steam acct.
    i do not play games online ever.

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