Awesome Video Game T-Shirts

Not sure how I stumbled across this site a few days back, but they’ve got some awesome shirts.

They have a similar concept to sites like Threadless, where users can submit their own designs and the customers can vote on which shirts are actually produced.

I picked up two beanies (one for me and one for my son), and a couple of T-Shirts.

The Bomb Beanie and Head Stomp Beanie.

RRoD T-shirt and Slot Machine T-shirt.

If you’re in the market for a few shirts (or looking for something to add to your XMAS list), check out

6 Responses to “Awesome Video Game T-Shirts”

  1. I love that 360 T-Shirt

  2. A little bug… When items get at the bottom of page they are “melted” with the previous posts link and you just cannot access the comments page… any idea?

  3. Hey Bozo, thanks for pointing that out. I will fix that later today.

  4. The ultimate gaming tee : )

    I Could Be Gaining Levels Right Now

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