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Little Big Planet Custom Kratos Statue

little big planet kratos god of war custom statue It the risk of being flamed (especially by MGS4 fans) I view Little Big Planet as the reason it’s finally worthwhile to own a PS3. By preordering the game from GameStop you get the exclusive Kratos in-game model, which is actually a costume in four parts – skin, goatee, blades, and clothing.

Some hardcore fan has gone a recreated this model in real life with clay. It’s up on eBay at the moment, and as far as I’m concerned is a steal for $26.00.


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  1. Guess that guy needed SOMETHING to do while waiting for the delayed LBP to finally get released next week! At least it’s just a one-week delay from the original release date on 10/21 – can you imagine what this guy might have created if he’d had to wait longer? 😛

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