Marlboro Abenteuer Team Atari Lynx II

Here’s an item you can say Ultra Rare OMG etc etc.

Marlboro Atari Lynx Very Limited Edition

Here’s a rough translation:

Marlboro Adventure Team promotional console from 1993 with the module Marlboro Go! (Motorcycle racing) and power supply (works well with batteries too). The console works perfectly, it was hardly used (not even during the promotion, since it was a reserve unit). It’s nearly as new and glaring red, except an ‘M’ has been removed (see the photo).

So, does it come with the ultra rare prototype of Marlboro Go! ? Was this unit never for sale, just used to promote the system and cigarettes?

Reading this FAQÂ made by Manu Parssinen you’ll discover how rare is this system. The only one I saw, was at the CGE2K7. Here’s a picture I took at the museum during the expo:

Marlboro Lynx

I’m going away on holiday from sunday until monday the 15th, so I’ll not be able to bid (luckly).

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.

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  1. Hello,

    I´m the owner of one of this ultra rare units( incl. the original manual and two cartridges “Batman returns” and “Battle Wheels”).
    But let us talk about the console ;-)))

    I wanted to ask, if you would be interested in buying my atari lynx “MARLBORO ABENTEUER TEAM”, this means, it is exactly like the unit in the museum from the picture on your website.

    On the back there´s NO serial number printed.

    I write to you, because your website about this ultra rare unit proves, that you KNOW REALLY how rare it is 😉

    If you are not interested besides a deal I will offer it someday at ebay or something like that.

    The constitution is sufficient, it runs, but there are some scars round the “steering-cross” (don´t know the term in english…) and beside the “power on”-button.

    If you are interested or photos etc.: mailto:

    and please let me know what would be your bid for this rare unit… but think of its rareness ;-)))

    there are websites (I can tell you;-)))) “until 1000,- Euro…”

    okay bye from munich

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