Christmas Contest Day 6: Get Organized!

Alright, it’s Day 6!

Do you have a big video game collection? Or even a small one? Is it jumbled around everywhere? Hard to find stuff? Disorganized? Well than maybe a copy of the Game Collector Software is for you!

I’m going to help you out by giving a copy away. Also, you’ll get a Lifetime Subscription to Chase The Chuckwagon.

Simply take a picture of your horribly organized collection and email it to Get creative with this. Bury your dog, fill your truck with Combat carts, whatever suits your fancy.

Next Monday (22nd) I’ll choose a few of my favorite and post a poll.

Good luck!


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  1. I really hope theres some contest for the organized people out there too… It actually hurts to think i’d need to take all my games out of alphabetical order to take pics of them…. so much work

  2. Haha, i should cruise through this one.
    My collection has to be the worst organised in the world, i literally just pile em high as i don’t have time to sort em out the way i’d like to. Eventually i’ll get round to shelving my games room, i’ve been saying that for 2 years now though…..

  3. My god, do I wish we took pictures of the side room we kept all the gameroom stuff in. It’d win with its ceiling stacks of boxes and crap everywhere.

  4. lol dam i just reorginized by typing up my gamelist when u showed this as a comptetition thing. I actually tried the software and i didnt really work so good since it doesnt work with word files and all.

  5. Hmmm too bad I am incredibly anal about organizing my games….

    If my girlfriend wouldn’t lose her shit, I would likely make a big mess just to try for the contest, though!

  6. “i really hope you plan on posting some of the best entries”
    Link said “I’ll choose a few of my favorite and post a poll.”

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