Master System Kiosk, Relisted GBP Fiorentina LE

It was the end of 2006. EBay user Proper75 offered me a Navi Saturn for 2 of those Game Boy Pocket Fiorentina edition. I had the shipping box with 5 of them. I said yes.

It was a scam. He scammed me and some other very serious and well known collectors too. Going to the police and lawyers has been useless. Every time I see the remaining units I have, I think about that scam and feel very bad.

So, it’s Xmas. Make a good thing and help me feeling better. Remove the 2 sealed Game Boy Pocket Limited Editions from my collection.

I’ve relisted them at 1 EUR, no reserve.

Ending just few hours before Xmas.

Just bid and let me make this shameful post for all the time I spend searching for you all!

2x Game Boy Pocket A.C. Fiorentina Limited Edition sealed with shipping box


Other stuff:
Nintendo nice promo pins

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. That’s a real bummer, I’ve been after a Navi myself for quite some time now. There’s often units without the screen but finding ones with the screen is so hard. The one listing I did come across recently was so blatantly a scam that I steered well clear.

  2. This is the first decent kiosk auction i’ve ever seen. I won one last year but it was just listed as a master system with no gallery pic. It only went for about £50, but the postage was a killer as this thing weighs nearly 15kg (without games or packaging).

  3. 6 in each shipping box. I don’t know exactly how many were produced: the metal plate says x of 3000, the serials on the box have 3 digits and many of those metal plates have been reused as pins.

  4. Друган дал ссылку, я обычно подобное не читаю, но не пожалел!

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