Random Contest: Guess the Proto, Win the Proto

This is a random contest, an extra quest for you all. I’ll throw away one of my prototypes.

It’s easy: just be the first to write in the comments the name of this proto. Beware, the image is quite disturbing.


One entry per post.
After a post, you must wait someone else’s comment to write another post: consecutive entries are not allowed.

EDIT: Miquel won The Sword of Hope proto!Â

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. said it a few posts ago, but it is awaiting moderation, so i’ll say it again:
    even though someone already got it
    Game Boy Mickey’s Dangerous Chase 12/18/92

    found it on wikipedia

  2. While Mickey’s Dangerous Chase seems reasonable, I question why it’d have it’s date of retail release written down on the cart as if it were the build date, as I’d doubt someone would have a proto built right -on- the release date…

  3. Well, every Kemco GB has been named, so this one is over one way or another. I’ll say Prehistorik Man just because it’s the only one not said (even if released 3 years after the proto date).

  4. Bah, Sword of Hope II was a 96 release… Miquel wins it… All we needed to do was take it into photoshop and increase the levels…


    its kinda clear now and im hitting myself!!

  5. Miquel, Congrats. This has been one of the fav games. If you don’t mind, could you sell it to me please? You can ask Link for my email add. Thanks!!!

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