gameSniped Day 6 Voting – Get Organized

Alright, it’s time to finally get the voting up for this one. Poll will run until the 16th.

Do you have a big video game collection? Or even a small one? Is it jumbled around everywhere? Hard to find stuff? Disorganized? Well than maybe a copy of the Game Collector Software is for you!

I’m going to help you out by giving a copy away. Also, you’ll get a Lifetime Subscription to Chase The Chuckwagon.


Note, it may be possible to vote more than once. Don’t. IPs and user accounts etc. are logged. Attempts to cheat can and will result in disqualification. Also, after several requests, you can’t view results before voting.

1. DutchNESGame – Kudos for the NWC on the floor. Nice touch.


2. matthijis – This robot has been sent from the future to organize your collection. Seriously though, I feel bad for those Game Boy boxes.


3. Alex – There’s a disturbing amount of sealed stuff here.

Alex Kraus

4. Otto – Quite a jumble of Nintendo test center gear.

Otto Hanson

5. Jayisrios – Nice stacking, but does it need more organization? You decide.

6. rargoldusa – Low quality pic, looks Sega orientated?


7. stewart – You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to do this with the SNES equilavent.


8. marriott – The plants add a touch of class. I wish the systems were all hooked up, that would be killer.


9. moogmayhem – All that’s missing is a popped collar.


10. Brian Huffman – Why so many stickers?


11. Will Pridmore Aka Franklit – I’m drawing a blank here. Judge for yourself.


12. Daniel Gentes Aka 8bitcaged – Interesting storage solution.


13. Linda – Lots of cool crap here, including tons I’m pretty sure we posted here like the Tops Art.


14. Borman – Props for being the only entry with Arcade related mess.


15. greg howlett – More attic mess, the ultimate storage solution.


16. Brian Siegler – Is this all sealed? Dear god.


17. SpooNMan – Rubbermaid, the ultimate organization shortcut.


Thanks for all the entires guy, there are some AMAZING pics here. Now go out and hustle some votes up for your entry.

Good luck!


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  1. What about the stuff that is giving away? Weren’t those supposed to be apart of this contest?


  2. Everybody can stop voting,some people asked for votes on
    Thats why is otto in the lead,pretty sad.

    Its not that i wanted to win ,the collection robot deserved the win(my opion,the most fun entery)

    And you don’t have to put up the next poll,thats also taken care off by NA the nes maffia.

    Well im not letting this happen on my watch: matthijis pm me on the site,ill ship you a price of my own.

  3. dutch: Go read the post I made there. I let them know about the competition, posted a link, told them about my situation and why I am in such disorganization and then asked them to vote for the one they liked best. Obviously not everyone on the site is voting for me.

  4. read it all got a tip from a friend.
    I just think that this is just ‘not done’
    You know how NA works ,they all suck up to each other and even if they all like a picture better they vote for you.(some people even said it and checked if you where still in the lead)
    You did nothing against the rules and said it all nice but,i think its a little off.
    I just velt sad for the robot guy picture,that most members here like in the beginning.
    I mean: my brother works in a computer store,it would be no problem to give me 100+ votes tomorrow all by the rules,how would that feel..not cool.
    Maybe im a yerk but..thats how i feel.

    If seen this so many times.
    And member only voting and no results to be seen are way better options,i think

  5. Dutch, I’ve nothing to do with your beef against NA (other than I frequent the site and contribute to the monthly e-zine off and on), nor do I care much about what happened. Sure there are some drawbacks in regards to a few of the users on the site but all in all it’s a great place to chat about the hobby of collecting Nintendo games and get into contact with some great people. For whatever reason that NA didn’t work out for you, I apologize. I also wanted the vote results to be hidden, but I think the ‘members only’ isn’t that great of an idea. The majority of people who view this site have never posted a comment and thus probably don’t even have accounts. Why screen people who casually browse the site as the main focus isn’t ‘register an account’ or ‘join the forums,’ it’s ‘Hey, check out these rare items that are up for auction.’ 90% of the people on NintendoAge either visit GameSniped on a regular basis or have at least checked it out once or twice. I can understand being annoyed if I jumped on a car customizing website and said ‘Hey, click on this link and vote for me!’ but come on, it’s within the game collecting community; it’s just that some of the votes are coming from a group you don’t like and since I posted a link I’m the target. Your example of your brother doesn’t really seem to fit; he’s one person and right now (as far as I know) everyone is getting votes from individuals, the people who voted for my entry thus far have given the general consensus that they voted for mine because they can tell I’m in actual chaos and it isn’t just a fixed shot (except for one person who messaged me and said ‘Hey, I voted for the creepy naked kid’). I know for a fact that everyone from NA didn’t vote for me, and that’s great! I also know all my votes haven’t from from that site either. If anyone thinks someone’s entry is more worthy, then duh–they should vote for it! One last thing: my girlfriend voted for me too because she knows how much of a mess my collection is in. Are you apt to have issues with that too?

  6. my brother works with computers,so he can make it easly look like 100 individuels voted.
    The sad thing of all this ,is that not the best entery wins but the 1 that can get the most votes.
    So you could enter a picture of your dog and still win.

  7. why oh why is R2 so precariously balanced in that last picture?! is he gonna jump?! DONT DO IT R2! YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR! what will C3PO do w/ out you?!

  8. i dont get it… why did Brian win? hes already very organized…

    and Otto man, i want that framed picture of Mario! where did you find that?

  9. Linda,
    Girlfriend, it’s o..kay. Games in 6 different locations…so, how’s that working for you? (obviously it isn’t) You really need to win this contest to get help getting organized. Then, I know some counselors you can talk to. You know, just for GP! Is this interfering with your relationship? Because if it is, I know Dr. Phil would love to have you on his show!!!

  10. pokinsmot: It’s actually a pane of glass, and I’m willing to sell it. I’ve never seen another like it though, so I am looking for a decent price for it…if you’re interested, hit me up on the forums here!

  11. dude u guys have alot of stuff! i think otto should win tho cuz he needs the space more then anyone and because hes the most devoted nes dude ive ever met

  12. Bri- I mean it looks good, I just don’t see how you are “un organized”….looks likes the odds are down to you and Limbo….and actually it looks like his collection is in worse shape at this point…he could probably get good use of this!

  13. Well, I was winning. In all honesty, I don’t know why they put up this pic when I sent 4 and this one was the one that looked the best. Also, that other guy isn’t the only one with Arcade stuff as one of my pics shows off my mvs 6-slot arcade. Hopefully I’ll pull through.

  14. OK, it looks like I’m out of the running. Hmm, how can I make lemonade out of lemons?

    Brian Siegler, Will you marry me? I’m in love with your collection!

    I, Linda, take Brian Siegler’s collection, to be my collection, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for sealed, for unsealed, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.


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