Christmas / New Years Contest Finale

Another year, another Christmas contest with glitches. This years seems to be that the finale is being posted roughly a month later than it should have. Oh well, it still means there are some very nice prizes up for grabs.

What can you win? Well there is quite a grab bag from several different companies. I’ll post the full prize list tomorrow, but suffice to say it’s very interesting.

The grand prize winner will get their first pick of several different packages with each runner up getting the next pick. There are a lot of prizes for this one so it’s definitely worth your while to enter.

So how do you win? Simply submit an auction via the comments that you consider “gameSniped Worthy”.

This means something we would likely feature if we stumbled across it or had it submitted.

Here are some more rules as the finale last year had some confusing.

– The auction can be current or completed within January.
– It cannot be something that was previously featured on gameSniped (the exact auction, not the exact item).
– You can submit your own auction.
– If you submit your own auction, it must be a real item listed for a realistic price. Expensive is fine, as long is it could theoretically be bought and you would complete the sale.
– Post the submission in the comments only.
– You can submit up to ten auctions.
– You must be a registered user so I can confirm the winners.
– Entries will be accepted until the end of the month.
– Nicole and I will then choose 10-20 of our favorites and submit them to open voting.

Questions? Please ask via the comments.

Good luck!


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  1. OK! Here are my entries for this year, hope there are no repeats. I tried to have fun and pick out stuff for everyone to enjoy. Let the junk hoarding begin…

    Remember back in the day when you turned on that new flashy N64 you just got for Christmas (NINTENDO 64!!), popped in that shiny copy of Mario 64, and lit up with unrelenting joy? Do you also remember the introduction of that special METAL MARIO SUIT?!?! Well now is your chance to hold that Metal Mario in your hand with a ONE OF A KIND, Mario Statue made exclusively for an “eccentric collector”

    Bronze Mario Statue|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A23|294%3A50

    There are boxes filled with tissues. There are boxes filled with cereal. There are even boxes filled with love (supposedly); BUT there is only ONE vintage Nintendo Box filled with limited edition Marvel X-Men Trading Cards. Double the joy and double the fun as you get to enjoy not only Card Collecting fun, but also hold them in a snazzy Nintendo Box…

    Mario Box filled with Marvel Cards|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A7|294%3A50

    Sure the watch is huge. Sure it is gaudy and makes your wrist smell like a gym sock. Sure it contains more plastic and rubber than Joan Rivers; but you will certainly be the envy of the bus stop as you wait for girls not to pick you up.

    Vintage Rubber Mario Watch|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A7|294%3A50

    Lanyards, buttons, pens, pocket protectors…we have seen many mini Nintendo exclusives; now enjoy the chance to own an EXCLUSIVE Nintendo Headquarters Lapel Pin that was only available to higher ups in the company at the time of the Nintendo World Championship

    14 K Gold 1990 Exclusive Lapel Pin|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

    Though it may seem a tad derogatory to call two little Italian brothers “piggies,” at least they are learning to save their money. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE! Not ONE, but TWO vintage Nintendo Banks STILL in their original package can be bought at a quite affordable price…maybe you can smash open that old piggy bank to get them.

    Nintendo Mario & Luigi Piggy Banks|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A6|294%3A50

    Love Video Games? Love women? Think one day you will find that special girl who will love video games just as much as you and you will live happily ever after? Well if you are so lucky to find that girl (or wake up from your delusion long enough to notice your WOW account has gone idle), then maybe she will let you chose this set to sip champagne and cut the cake at your wedding. WORD OF ADVICE: If the girl loves you enough to forgive the Video Game addiction…let this one go

    Nintendo Exclusive Wedding Set|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A3|294%3A50

    Back in the day there were a slue of items you could buy right from Nintendo via the Nintendo Power Catalog (many of them previously featured here on Gamesniped). Now some of these items are pretty common and seen frequently on Ebay, but others are seen rarely. I should know I own quite a few. Featured here is a Vintage and Exclusive Nintendo Coffee Mug for all those long game nights or early game mornings waiting in line for the next Nintendo System to be released.

    Nintendo Power Catalog Mug|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50

    Probably being the oddest, most interesting, and BEST auction I have stumbled across recently is this EXCLUSIVE! LIMITED! RARE! SUPER FUN! Vintage Game Jacket! It features FOUR now retired game systems…just think of how you cool you can be running around town in this SHINY video game jacket, sporting your gang colors. Just be sure to watch out for those rival Sony and Microsoft Gangs…

    Nintendo/Sega Game Gear/Sega Genesis/ 3DO Embroidered Jacket|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50

    Ok, so you figured out where to buy all your games. You even figured out your shelving and storage issue. But now you need to add some spice to that room, you spent years begging your wife to let you have. How bout adding some FANCY Nintendo decals? Turn your room into a REAL game experience by jumping right into the action with Nintendo Decals that depict now classic Mario Scenery. Plus, you now have a better reason to explain to the cops when they asked about all those dead smashed turtles around your house 

    Nintendo Wall Decals|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50

    Is this system worth the price? Definitely not! I got the same one WITH THE ORIGINAL BASE for $50. But with the plethora of PS2, Gamecube, and X-Box displays you see; this Original Playstation Display could be a gem in anyones collection. The fact of the matter is now we all know what to snatch up. They joy with getting the OLDER stuff is that at the time it was bought or tossed out we had no idea it was a collectible…these people had foresight for sure…

    Sony Playstation Display|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

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