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Will the death of an actor make an Xbox 360 more expensive? The number of these limited editions didn’t change. It didn’t get rarer. But the seller has a different opinion.

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  1. When he died, not only did he secure his own Academy Award but anything relating to his role as the Joker will sky rocket. Ironic because I don’t think he gave that good of a performance. Sorry I’m a Nicholson Fan. He’s the real joker, not Ledger. But that is my opinion.

  2. The thing that made Heath Ledger portray this godly image of performing the joker better than anyone is his ability to adapt to change and re-invent the joker character. We all know Nicholson did an impeccable job at the joker and that no one living human being was able to top that. But what Heath Ledger did was change the persona of the “Joker” character and made it his own, adding things here and there like Nicholson did back in the 90’s. The fact that Heath also molded the persona to “fit” the Dark Knight atmosphere was purely remarkable. The hate, disgust, the anguish, the fear, and the dark image that he turned the joker into was truly something. No one would have done a better job of acting as the Joker in Dark Knight than Heath did…and this is what many people acknowledge.

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