New Logo / Design

No, Link is not dead.

Been a rather hetic few months for me, but as of today I’m back is full force. Lots of plans in place too.

Today, we’re testing out our new logo and theme.

Like it? Hate it? Comments are appreciated. There may also be a few bugs I’m working on atm.



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  1. Thought I’d mistyped the address there. Phew.

    I like it, nice and clinical (if a little generic).

  2. Well I’m a lurker who comments here and there so my opinions won’t matter but I honestly miss the old style. Don’t get me wrong, the new logo is awesome, but the layout is a bit blah. I miss the old banners with the gaming collectables. Still overall this design is well done, but my vote for it is “Nay”.

  3. I like the logo tho I agree you should get rid of the continue reading and just show the full post.

  4. I don’t know, this whole style seems a bit too similar to just about every template blog out there. It also doesn’t appear to show the author of each post in the post’s title, and I like seeing whether Link or Nicola are responsible for the goodies.

    It definitely needs some major “livening up”, and I personally see no need to change the previous layout, or perhaps you could edit IT slightly, rather than this one.

    All opinions, of course. It’s the content of the site that really matters, and I don’t care what it looks like! 🙂


  5. WB Link, I was starting to form a search party for you, can’t wait to check out the new layout once it’s up again.

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