Grazie Nonna!

Today I’m not going to post games. I’m going to post about someone who made possible for me to be here, writing at you.

She bought me many of the first games when I was young. She has made me grow for 29 years as my only grandparent, with my parents always away at work. I think, 90% of my passions are due to her.

She lived 99 years, until this morning. Now she lives even better.

See you Lidia!

Nonna Lidia

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. This is really sweet, Nicola. It’s great when grandparents mean so much to you. You have my thoughts for the mourning period, I hope you get through it okay, and I’m sure that your nonna is now somewhere wonderful. Best wishes.

    -Will Pridmore

  2. As someone also raised by a grandmother while parents were away, I can understand this incredibly strong bond you must have had with her.

    99 years is amazing, and wherever she is now I’m sure she can relax and reflect on the time she spent with you and other loved ones.

  3. You have my condolences Nicola. But you are right, your grandmother will live in a better place. 99 is something special. Not many people live till that number where I am from :/.

  4. My Hubby and his half-sister had a mother who didn’t care, and a step father who was a worm, and their Grandmother practically raised them herself. When she passed away in 2005 It was very traumatic for them both, but it was because of her that they were able to stand on their own 2 feet and make a better life for themselves. I can understand what it means to lose someone like that. Please accept my condollances Nicola, even if they don’t make that much of a difference.

  5. Un abbraccio a Nicola ed un ricordo speciale per Nonna Lidia..
    rimarranno tanti ricordi, tanto affetto ed anche tanti sorrisi per il modo speciale con cui ti dimostrava infinito amore.

  6. r.i.p sorry for youre loss, it reminds me of my friends grandma, she was in her 80s and always would challenge us to a game of tennis on the nes, and she always won.

  7. Awesome pic, Nicola! She reminds me of my late Gramdma picking me up a Nintendo Entertainment System: Deluxe set and Sega Master System in the 80s. I was never the same afterwards ^_^

    My condolences to you, Nicola.

  8. I bet she’s rocking at Pepper II on a cloud. 🙂 “Would you know my name… if I beat you at Pac-Man”….

  9. SO sorry for your loss Nicola.

    I’ll keep her in my prayers. We can only hope that she’s looking down on us right now 🙂

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