Missile Command Vinyl Soundtrack

Arati era soundtrack LPs can be had for signicicantly cheaper than this BID if you bide your time, but they`re pretty cool items.




Factory Sealed Megaman 6 NES

CD-i Zelda’s Adventure

Or, if you have more money than sense:

NINTENDO DS NOISE DVD – I`m still not sure what the hell this is after reading the auction and watching the video.

$100,000.00 Video Game Collection

$10,000.00 Atari Collection


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  1. The last time that DS dvd thing was up, from what I understand, someone made it using sound effects or something from the DS, and they decided to kiss their own rear by charging near 10grand?

  2. Well in that 100k auction there is a Kizuna Encounter, but I don’t know AES well enough to tell if its EUR or JPN. Still not 100k worth of stuff there I don’t think.

  3. That idiot posting the $100k collection is a, well, an idiot. Aside from the spastic text that is rainbow colored, I have no idea how many games you’d get in total and I’m sure it’s all not worth $100k. The pictures are not conducive towards showing everything clearly. I’m guessing he’s not serious about selling it because he’s definitely not putting up in the effort one would expect when asking someone to drop six figures.

  4. Yeah, i’m abit fed up with folks who just throws numbers out like six figures on a game collection. Just because he thinks his stuff rare. For $100,000 i’d take my ass to Japan and hit the streets of Akihabara for a shopping spree. Alot of his stuff is actually cheaper and COMPLETE in those Japan gaming stores. Only a FOOL would waste that kind of money.

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