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NES Nintendo Smart Boy Tetris Cartridge

Smart Boy you ask?

Well, there’s not a lot of info. Four types of Smart Boy cartridges exist, aside from Tetris there is Arkanoid, Super Mario 3 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Most NES collectors think have to be more titles that were made however.

Here’s the kicker though, last Tetris Cartridge sold for $261. Not cheap for what is essentially a pirate cartridge.

NES Nintendo Smart Boy Tetris Cartridge



Case Of Six Sealed SNES F-Zero – Yes F-Zero. A ridiculously common and low priced sealed game. But $45.00 for a sealed case? I’m sold. This is like the fourth cheap as dirt sealed case I’ve picked up recently.


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  1. There’s a 5th, SMB2…I have the only known copy. I know of Arkanoid (2), Tetris (now 4 with this auction, SMB2 (1), SMB3 (2), TMNT (2)

  2. I talked with the (now retired) owner of the business that distributed these…pretty sure they came from a place in South America, but it’s been a few years. I’d have to double check my notes to be sure.

  3. i just acquired a mint condition (not graded just very nice shape) tetris if anyone has extra info i’d appreciate an email its backing is red not orange like the one pictured

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