Atari Protos, Final Fantasy VII Music Box, GBP Fiorentina LE

Atari 2600 prototypes

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Atari 2600 lot with Frostbite prototype
Final Fantasy VII 7 Aerith Aeris Music Box Squaresoft found by our Gentleman
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Golden Street Fighter 2 Tokens again

A friend of mine here in Italy found a loose Game Boy Pocket Fiorentina limited edition, told to have been sold around Florence only and just during a limited time. It’s loose and it has some scratches, but it’s one of the rarest LEs around.
He wants to sell it so I’ve made a post here on our forum.

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. Kefka’s Domain’s BINs tend to be pretty high, so I expect their reserve for the music box is way up there (higher than what I’d be willing to pay, anyway :P).

  2. I shouldn’t do it, but I have around 400 sitting in my “Fix my car fund” that I am going to try to grab that music box with. I’m not a fan of Final Fantasy 7 to be honest, but I am facinated with rare unique items like that, and I always loved Aeris’ theme.

  3. Nice I finally get a recognition for a submission! lol there probably was like 4 other guys who was submitting the same thing. i think the reserve will be high for the music box. But still interested in the outcome.

  4. I remember when those music boxes went for around $600 a pop, but that was years ago, when they were still not super hard to find. The reserve on this one is likely higher than that.

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