Tiny post!
Atari Cosmos holograms – grab them!!!!!

Other stuff:
Nintendo Display Case
Gametimevault has always new protos, something unreleased too

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. Every time i’ve ever bought a proto, I try to negotiate the lowest possible price.

    Every time i’ve ever sold a proto, my ego would inflate it’s value. (though perhaps not quite as inflated as GTV’s 2500.00. that is silly.)

  2. My hubby’s got that case too~ For those who wish to know how… He worked for Funcoland during the gamestop transition era and his store threw the old cases out and he recovered them for free. Some needed re-glass work, other’s don’t light up (like this one he has.).

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