Sega Genesis Super Mario Bros.

Here’s a few things today which have ended, but I never got a chance to mention while they were available.

Sega Genesis Super Mario Bros.

This is one of my all time favorite pirates.

super mario world sega genesis pirate

PS1 Metal Gear Solid Game Champion

These things are pretty cool. A Game Champion has built-in cheats for for a given game and built-in game saves which are accessible by plugging into the memory card port. These were made in extremely low quantities and sold exclusively through Electronics Boutique. I believe the seller also told me they have a complete set of these available if anyone is interested. Sold for $33.00.

playstation ps1 Metal Gear Solid GAME CHAMPION

Origional XBOX Signed by Bungie Studio

Sold for $212.50. Apparently signed for the launch of Halo 2 and comes with a letter. Says “Never Opened” in auction. As in, disc tray never opened? Odd.

Xbox Signed by Bungie Studios


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  1. I have a copy of that SMW Cart. But it doesn’t have a label. Now that I know what the label looks like, I think I’ll try to recreate one for my cart. I have a lot of Genny Pirates I’ve found at garage sales but most of them have no labels or markings. Really need to fix that.

  2. What amuses me the most is the lack of a score bar or a counter for the “diamonds.” And Crates? Since when did mario throw crates? The crates are taken from Rescue rangers as well as the sound effects if you get hit. It’s the closest game I can match even without being a 100 percent sure.

  3. The Mario game is a hack of another Genesis pirate called Squirrel King, which itself is a rip-off of Rescue Rangers. Squirrel King starts off with two levels that they skipped in the hacked Mario version. Overall Squirrel King is more worth it, all you get extra with the Mario version is the Mario levels at the beginning plus that Bowser boss.

  4. Interesting. So in the end no matter how you look at it, even if it was a pirate of a pirate, it was still a pirate rip of Rescue Rangers. That’s awesome. I think.

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