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Ugly Mario Christmas Ornament

1988 Nintendo Mario Employee Christmas Ornament – An ugly Mario product on gameSniped? *GASP*

Nintendo Mario Employee Christmas Ornament Rare

Nintendo Mario Employee Jacket

This auction includes a very rare original Nintendo employee jacket. This is the only jacket of it’s kind on the planet. Only one was made and this is it. This jacket was given to a high level Nintendo employee as a gift from the company in the late 80’s and there is only one in the world like it. I guarantee you will not find another jacket of this kind *anywhere*. The jacket is a 3XL and features leather sleeves, pocket linings and collar. The back of the jacket has an embroidered Mario logo and the entire jacket is in pristine condition. There are no marks, scratches or scuffs, it was worn only a few times and stored perfectly. This is the ultimate Nintendo employee item and there is only one that exists, this is it. Very rare, never intended for the general public and without a doubt the best employee item I’ve seen. In excellent condition, perfect for display in the most serious of Nintendo collections.

Nintendo Mario Employee Jacket Rare Original 1 of 1

709 Playstation 1 Collection – Includes 237 Sealed games.


Baby Mario Famicom Cartridge – For some reason this game seems to have a lot of demand and fetches a few dollars when these pirate carts come up. – which makes no sense given that the game sucks and is not Mario related. Not worth the BIN. I’ve never played it, but this might be the gameplay for it.


Yoshi’s Story INTERNATIONAL VER Nintendo 64 Demo – Another one of these has shown up. This one sold for the BIN very quickly.

Yoshi's Story INTERNATIONAL VER Nintendo 64 Demo Promo


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  1. Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa was originally released for the Famicom Disk system and later came out as a cartridge. I’ve played a ROM, and it’s okay, kind of simple.

    I suspect this is a pirated version of it. Still, the price seems a bit steep.

  2. Wow, since when was Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa going by the name Baby Mario? Bit odd considering it has Konami written all over it…

  3. Yeah, I’m pretty sure Baby Mario is the bootleg name. Anyone expecting any resemblance to a baby Mario will be sorely disappointed.

  4. I’m kinda sad that the PlayStation lot is really full of alot of mediocre games. I dont’ see hardly any of the ‘money’ or in demand games and definately nothing to warrant 10k for that lot.

  5. $100 for a pirate, NES collectors are a bit nutty, and I am glad this did not sell. Just so you know, Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa is on the Virtual Console for $6.

  6. I remember renting that Baby Mario famicom cartridge from a small video store in Madison, CT. I distinctly recall the awesome double novelty of finding both a Famicom cartridge (with adapter), and a previously unheard of Mario title.

    Of course, it wasn’t REALLY, but the game itself was actually ended up being rather fun, despite. Besides, given how they basically overhauled a non-Mario game to make SMB2, they could have easily done that with this game.

    (Kind of interesting that they actually did, eventually, go on to use a ‘Mario baby’ in the Yoshi games, and those RPG’s…)

    Anyway, it looks exactly like the cart I rented. Powder blue, with the MARIO BABY label on the top, and all that. Of course, the odds of it actually BEING the exact same cart are pretty slim (I’m assuming they labeled a bunch of them the same way), but it’s nice to see it again after ~20 something years, at any rate.

    Previously all I had was my increasingly vague memories of it. 😉

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1991 Nintendo Promotional Media Kit Rare

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