Zombies Ate My Neighbors SNES Super Nintendo Alternate Art

Been meaning to post this one for awhile. Does anyone have more info on this?


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  1. That box is pretty sought after…you would think it would either be a reprint, or the original box art that was quickly changed after beind deemed ‘too graphic.’ I’ve no idea though…seems like that box could be a turnoff to parents looking to buy a game for their kids.

  2. Too bad he doesn’t take a picture of the side flaps, which have the serial number, and would show if this was the original or some uncommon re-release.

  3. Probably not. NAFTA kicked in soon after this game was released and it was likely cheaper to move production to Mexico at that point.

  4. i dont understand why it still has the other manual to it though… ude think it would have a matching manual to the box art and not to the other box art. HMM

  5. That is an awesome cover!!
    Would it be possible for you to take a top down shot or even scan the box so i can use it on my WII for the cover art for zombies. I would be so grateful.

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