SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition

Look at the final price on this auction.

Is there something I`m missing? Looking at the bid history, I assume it`s just two morons messing around.

(Thank Brian)


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  1. Dead beat bidder alert. Those ID’s are the same ones who tried to scam me on several Model Train auctions of mine. They haven’t been banned despite many reports against them.

  2. eBay wont do anything to them with their new “customer is right” policy. They dont want to lose ebay members, which is why they did the changes (horrible I might add) earlier this year, with feedback etc.

  3. sorry but eBay will do jack shit for customers other than tell them to re-read their policy or look at their policy online. Is there something I missed here. Why is the price so high? Is it Bull sh%t?

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