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2010 E3 Nexon Vindictus Red Wolf Spirit Hood

At the 2010 E3, Nexon gave away these beautiful Red Wolf Spirit Hoods to promote Vindictus. Only 500 were made, all of which went to the first lucky people to snag them that night! It was the most coveted piece of swag at the event. My fiance was one of the first people to get one, and had people offering to pay him $500 for it (he wanted to bring it home for me, isn’t he sweet!?). This is super collectible and will continue to raise in value! Spirit Hoods are soft, furry hats in the style of different animals, with long scarf-like arms and little pockets behind the paws. This never-worn Spirit Hood is a Red Wolf, to honor one of the main characters in Vindictus, and was specially designed for E3.

Auction Here – A couple of these have sold recently for $349.99.

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