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Game Boy Advance GBA Hand Painted by Dave Mira

This auction is for a One-of-a-Kind Game Boy Advance, Hand-Painted by BMX SuperStar, Dave Mira. Back in 2002, Nintendo and Stuff Magazine (now part of Maxim Magazine) ran a “Play for America” contest with three “extreme” athletes, where each one painted a Game Boy Advance for charity. Tony Hawk (pro skateboarder), Kelly Slater (pro surfer), and Dave Mira (pro BMX rider) all participated. Nintendo donated $3000 to each of the athlete’s charity organizations of choice, and three lucky winners received a one-of-a-kind GBA! Guess who won Dave Mira’s work of art! That’s right: Me!

IGN still has the original article online where they detailed the contest. You can read more about it here:

And now, after years of it being a centerpiece to my collection, I have to sell it. As sad as I am to see it go, I know there are collectors out there who are way more serious than me when it comes to limited editions, so I’m confident it’ll end up in a good home.

The GBA is originally Arctic White in color, but has since been painted over by Dave Mira. He also signed his name over the display, so I hope you don’t plan on playing any games with this one!!

P.S. Here’s a news article from another winner. This guy won the GBA decorated by Kelly Slater!

Game Boy Advance GBA Hand Painted by Dave Mira



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  1. I have to pay more attention to the font: while reading that I did a doubletake and thought Link was writing about the GBA and not just quoting what the auction said.

  2. as the seller of this item, i fully agree with the above comments. dave mira sucks at painting almost as much as his games sucked at being fun. to top it off, he writes over the screen! what a dick.

    still, in the bmx world, a signed prize by him for a charity event is pretty cool…and it’s not really meant to be played, but rather displayed…by someone i hope! me? i just kept it in a box with all my other game boy crap.

    thanks for the plug, link!

    p.s. i’ve got good looking game boys on sale too! club nintendo gba sp (my prized possession in my gb collection!), ff4 game boy micro…

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