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Expensive Edition

Collector’s Edition.. Limited Edition.. Ultra Limited Edition.. Limited Collector’s Edition.. or however the publishers like to call them, are a huge hit these days. All those easily broken plastic and cheap figures gives it an extra $10-$20 more. But, we’re all suckers for them. We’ll buy them just cause they’re cool and unique and it might become rare one day until Atlus decides to reprint them.. ouch there goes my money.

Here are 4 unique collector’s editions that are going for some decent money on eBay.

The Pokemon BoxGamecube

In July of 2004, fans of the series in the U.S. was able to pick this special edition bundle at the then-called Pokemon Center in New York City (now called Nintendo World). This isn’t even a game by the way. But rather, a storage system for all the Pokemon games for the Game Boy Advance. You can either trade or store them onto a memory card using the cable provided with it. According to the Wikipedia entry, the big N referred to it as “the most exclusive Pokémon software ever offered to North American Pokémon fans”.

So why is this expensive if its not even much of a game? Nintendo practically never releases any sort-of limited or collector’s edition in North America. Given that and the fact that it was only available at the Pokemon Center in New York, the number of copies they made are probably very limited. There was a sealed auction recently that went for $188. I’ve seen them go for $250 before. Maybe it’ll go for more in the future.

Dead Space: Ultra Limited Edition – Xbox 360 & Playstation 3

Internet exclusives could sometimes be just full of meh. Most of which were even called “limited” until fans realized they squeezed in a few hundreds more after the fact. I vowed to never be fooled with them ever again for a second.

One of the internet exclusives I wish I picked up was the Dead Space: Ultra Limited Edition that was only available through the EA store online. For $150, you get game on your choice of platform, the animated “Downfall” DVD, artbook, lithograph, and a comic book. The box itself was really nice (seen above). They were only available for a limited time since they’ve made only 1,000 copies. EA really outdid themselves for this as i’ve never seen them do any of this for any of their games except for Madden (fail).

There really hasn’t been alot of them on eBay recently. They normally go for around $200-$250 sealed and around $150-$170 used. If you’re a fan of this game and if you see one posted on ebay, do yourself a favor and grab it before it disappears. Since there are no completed listings, here’s a nice photo slide show for you to drool on courtesy of gaming bits .

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Set – Playstation 3

At last year’s PAX panel revealed this set. But there weren’t any details for it’s availability. Only a few weeks before the game comes when when we found out about its contents. In it, you’ll get the exact in-game replica of the Phurba Dagger Artifact and stand, Collectible Art Book and Collector case autographed by Naughty Dog. It also included some downloadable stuff through PSN.

This set wasn’t actually available to the public. But fans of the series who played the demo of Uncharted 2 were entitled to win 1 of 10 they were giving away. Kotaku also did a contest shortly after the game’s release offering to win 1 of only 5 they have in their hands.

One of the first listings for the Fortune Hunter set sold for nearly $2,400. They went for alot more than that though once the word got out. After searching for quite awhile, I really couldn’t find out the exact numbers they made. I would have to guess that its probably less than 100 copies, maybe even around 50. One can only imagine how much this set will cost when Uncharted 3 comes out.

Last but not least…

World of Warcraft: Collector’s Edition – PC

WOW is definitely what I said when I found out about the value of this gem. It’s one of those titles that you saw and didn’t think much of (I wish i picked up at least a copy when it was on clearance at Target for $30). Warcraft has been a popular franchise for Blizzard. More so now that World of Warcraft has dominated the MMO genre. If it was a country, it would be one of the most populated countries on Earth with more than 10 million subscribers.

With that said, i’m pretty sure a few of those fanatics have alot of money to burn on the game they love. Sealed copies of this game goes for as much as $2,000. Used copies value are forgettable for some reason. Theres a few recently that ended as much as $1,500. Maybe I should buy a time machine and buy all the copies they had at CompUSA.. hmmmm..

Hello by the way.. I hope you enjoyed my first post.

– phear3d


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  1. Pokemon Box (the American version) was also available to buy on the website for $20 (where I got my copy from, if I’d known I’d have ordered more!). It vanished when the store was changed over.

    Oddly enough the Japanese and European versions are nowhere near as expensive, even though the latter is probably about equally hard to find.

  2. The reason that sealed WoW:CE boxes are worth so much is because it’s the only way to get a zergling, mini-Diablo, or panda cub in-game pet. Any used copies will already have been used.

  3. Great article, unfortunately I feel that publishers are going to be pushing the price of collector’s sets higher and higher. For example, Bioshock 2 will retail at $99.99 which is a whopping 66% more ($40) than the regular version and honestly I can’t justify the difference in price given the contents as presented. Mass Effect 2 on the other hand is only $10 more and considering you get a steelbook and a whole sleu of other items I will definitely pick that one up (I guess many people agree with me since Amazon is out of stock). Some recent examples of successful CEs have been Demon Souls (what a great idea to include an exclusive hint guide) and my personal favorite the Assassin Creed 2 Master Assassin’s Edition that was exclusive to Gamestop. Not only did you get a collectible tin (I bet most kids thought they got cookies for Christmas) but it came with exclusive DLC (a nice add for any CE in my book, see Fable II), a hardcover artbook, an extra cd/blu ray and best of all a very well done Ezio Statue. This was limited and only $20 more, quite a bargain if you ask me. Recent failures in my opinion were the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2, $70 (difference between Hardened Edition and Prestige) for a pair of cheap night vision goggles? Why couldn’t Activision include some sort of exclusive DLC?

    I think a lot of the issues with some of these CEs is the perceived scarcity when all the flippers buy them up and try to make a quick buck on them. I remember looking at prices of the Assassin Creed 2 LE and Modern Warfare 2 and they were well above retail in the beginning although MW2 came crashing down. I’ve now become accustomed to preorder first and ask questions later.

  4. As Mayhem said, the Pokemon Box was also available through the Pokemon Center store online (where I got mine as well) and not just the Nintendo World store.

  5. I buy my World of Warcraft: Collector’s Edition unused the last year just for………………
    120€!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on eBay!!!!!!
    And with some gifts!!!!! (a horde clock and a undead and tauren toys)

  6. When i was working at Gamestop a while back, WOW just came out and people were having a hard time finding the game. We had a few Collector’s edition left which no one wanted. I bet they’re kicking themselves now for not picking one up.

  7. thanks for input on pokemon box, uc2, wow.

    its hard to predict what gamers will appreciate and without the reviews, you really dont know if you should pick up that copy of two world’s collector’s edition only to find out that the game isnt as shiny as the box.

    then you have constant flow of copies like MW2 Prestige Edition as neiname mentioned. there were originally 5 that i had in mind but at the last minute, i excluded Fable II Limited Edition because has a reprinted version of the game (these copies do not have the DO NOT SELL BEFORE sticker and from what i understood, it seem sealed instead of the typical seal). not that it would matter in the future, but collector’s like the “y-fold” seal. before the reprint, they were selling for $200+.

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