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Famicom Chinese Original Games – Diablo, Chrono Trigger, Resident Evil, Zelda, Harvest Moon

We’ve talked about Final Fantasy 7 (VII) For The Original Nintendo NES / Famicom a ton of times before.

What we’ve mentioned less often are some of the other awesome Pirate Originals that are out there.

Right now, a seller has Diablo II, Chrono Trigger, Resident Evil, Zelda: A Link To The Past, Harvest Moon, Tomb Raider, Mega Man X and Dragon Quest VIII up for sale.

Diablo 2

Resident Evil

Chrono Trigger

Mega Man X RPG

Harvest Moon

Dragon Quest VIII

Zelda A Link To The Past


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  1. I’m so tempted by those Famicom ports, but they seem a bit pricey. If I knew they were complete games (i.e. they ported the whole game not just the early sections) I might be persuaded to pay that much. It would help to know if they play well too.

  2. For those who don’t know; the “MegaMan X” game appears to be a minor hack of “Sugoro Quest”. Said game is a boardgame-JRPG hybrid, released on the legit Famicom by Technos.

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