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Samus MagnetI’ve been bummed lately that there hasn’t been many auctions with Service Center items in them, but I suppose this Metroid Magnet is worth mentioning. It was released in 1993 with a similar magnet featuring Diddy Kong and was intended as a giveaway to customers in order for Service Centers to promote their program a bit better. The Samus magnet is much more common than the Diddy Kong, simply due to the fact that a seller a few years back was selling tons of these in lots of 6, but had no Diddy Kong magnets to speak of. (Sold: $34.30)


zPrint2 Also, this copy of Super Mario Bros. Print World just looks plain fun. You know it’s going to be good when the box reads “Now You’re Printing With Power!” Apparently, you can design and print signs, stationery, banners, cards and more! What fun! (Sold: $29)


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  1. You know I actually owned that Super Mario Bros. Print World. I got it from a book club order in elementary school.

    Mine was for my Apple computer though. 🙂

  2. Heh. Yes, I, too, own Super Mario Bros. Print World.

    It IS fun, though not as fun as the packaging makes it out to be!

    The coolest part, I always thought, was just the little printout included within, showing every piece of clip art used in the program.

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