Lead Pins and Old Plates

Nintendo PinsThese Nintendo Character Pins were mostly used as giveaways by Nintendo Reps to retail employees, but Nintendo issued a voluntary recall for them in 2008 due to the fact that they contained high-ish concentrations of lead. You can check out the official release here. From what I’ve read of the situation, if you returned the pins you would receive replacements (rumor was that Nintendo was only sending back Yoshi pins which were already obtainable). It makes an interesting item to talk about, but they probably won’t become too scarce since the recall was voluntary. On a side note, I’ve had one of those Mario pins in my inside jacket pocket for at least 4 years now…I don’t think I ever licked it though, so I should be fine. 🙂 (Sold: $17.13)

Zelda PlateThis Zelda Plate is actually part of a 3 piece set (cup, plate and bowl). I know Zelda merch tends to go for a bit of cash, but just because some random individual lists their plate for $3500 does not mean it is worth even close to that. The seller’s added comment “Okay, when I listed this I had no idea what it was. Now I do.” leads me to think someone has lead them to believe otherwise. (Sold: $250)

Other bits:

Super NES Shelf Talker

GBA & GC Promo Plushies (Sold: $5.50)

Oodles of Pins and E3 Promo Items


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  1. Hey, I am the one that has the plate on ebay. I am the one that wrote “Okay, when I listed this I had no idea what it was. Now I do”! Let me clarify this okay………There is way to much controversy about this plate. I’m not saying it is worth anymore than 20 dollars. I paid .50cents for this plate thinking I would sell it for 20 dollars. 20 dollars suits me fine. However, I saw with my very own eyes that the same plate split many ways in the back was sold on ebay for 49 dollars.
    Now let me explain something to you from a dish collectors point of view. Typically when a dish is chipped, cracked or split it is worth nothing the value drops almost to nothing. Therefore if the other plate I saw MYSELF sold for 48 dollars in the condition it was is then we should not bash me we should wait and see………
    Also, I’m not the one that listed a 3500 dollar plate or claims to have sold one for 15,000 dollars. I’m a single mom with two kids that went to a junk store and found a awesome zelda plate and put it on ebay then learned all the controversy about the plate.

    Also, the pic of the plate above is not MY plate. That one has a chip on it and the man could not get a pic of the back supposedly! He listed it for 3500 dollars He had the chipped plate, he couldn’t get a pic of the back.

    Me! well I started it at .99 cents with free shipping! My plate is in excellent shape! My auction shows the back of the plate.

    Its like I’m famous overnight for merely buying a freaking plate from a junk store and listing it on ebay.

    Thanks for the publicity though even thought your story is very misleading.

  2. I do apologize if you feel the original post is misleading in any way. The only real controversy regarding plate was created when someone thought they had some crazy one of a kind item a while back and listed it at $15,000, which caused other plate owners to think they could get crazy money for theirs. There is no misleading tactic to insinuate that you are the same person who listed their plate at $3500, but it was my error to assume your quote meant that someone had contacted you and said something to the tune of ‘OMG, do you realize what you have?!?’ I used a different picture to showcase the plate because of the glare on yours, but there is no difference: anyone who is interested in it will see the condition yours is in when they click the link. Thank you for visiting the site, I wish you luck on the sale and you are welcome for the publicity…that is what we do here at GameSniped; we showcase rare and quirky videogame related auctions. 🙂

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