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Not For Resale


Mario Party DS Not for Resale – This one’s actually complete.

Kirby Squeak Squad Not for Resale – cart only, same seller as above

Mario Pinball GBA Not for Resale

Other stuff:

Crackdown Punching Bag

Completed Listings:

Kingdom Hearts Original BL Sealed – $250 & $195 BO < wow these had gone up huh..

Game Boy Micro “Mother 3” Deluxe Box – $270

Nintendo GBA SP Graphite sealed – $211

Final Fantasy Legends I, II, III Sealed – $200 < good deal for all 3


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  1. Also, none of the demos ever came with normal retail cases (save the special Brain Training, but that also had a letter). They are cart only. What they ‘should’ have is a small white sticker on the back that states Property of Nintendo and has a small barcode below that.

  2. (I’m not sure if they still have these, but) Toys R Us had a bunch of Display Only clamshells for DS games. I have a few copies of Mario Kart and Super Mario 64 DS; they would fit well with these DS demo carts for sure.

  3. they still have those cases. they keep them in the back but usually it gets thrown out. i can never get any of them. i got one for parappa the rapper when they had a display case that i mistakenly thought was the game, they just gave it to me. they’ve actually started using some European style cases (the white clear kind).

  4. Very peculiar…I have a ton of Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox display inserts from when I used to work for TRU. They’re cool, but I doubt they’ll ever be worth much. I should unload them sometime.

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