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Bedsheets and Book Covers

Sheet + Book Covers


-A funky (not so) fresh Pac-Man Twin Bed Sheet(Sold: $15)

-A little late for back to school, but cover your books in style with these brand new N64 Book Covers

Mountain Dew SNES Contest Bottle: Looks like there is some soda left at the bottom too! (Sold: $9.95)

Nintendo Fusion Tour Backstage Pass


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  1. Totally, that Super Nintendo sweeptakes on the Dew bottle must’ve been around time the console was released ( circa 1991 ).

    Man, I miss those rounded 500ml bottles. I’d buy
    A&W Root Beer in that size ^_^

  2. I was the buyer of the Pac-Man sheet. For years I photographed all my items for sale (eBay or my online shop) on top of the another of the same sheet.

    Needless to say, it got rather grubby over time and a replacement was required. So a big thanks for finding this auction.

    Also, just to add a bit more to the story, how I found the sheet was a rather amusing tale.
    While wandering round a car boot sale (UK here), there was a perfectly arranged stall full of ornaments and other antiques that was drawing my attention. The reason being, that they were all laid out on a table using the Pac-Man sheet draped over it as soft cloth to place them on.

    When I asked the seller how much the sheet was, she looked incredibly confused. All that effort to put out the valuable antiques and the first thing she sells is the sheet they were placed onto…

    Best 50p I ever spent! Fond memories 🙂

  3. @cauterize: lol, thanks for the story. I had a semi-similar experience at a flea market regarding the Mario/Zelda bedsheets, but they refused to sell them to me.

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