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Game Boy Micro Pokemon LE System

Released only in Japan and even rare over there, this nifty red handheld was only found at the Pokemon Center stores. It has a dark red body and features a black faceplate with a tiny white Pikachu silhoutte in the top right hand corner just above the A and B buttons.

Link ($279.99 BIN)


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  1. I take my Famicom Anniversary Edition Micro with me practically everywhere today and I still get people looking surprised they’ve never heard nor seen the Micro model before ! I’m very certain the Micro was the least successful model compared to the SP model. I could care less. The Micro is truly a remarkable piece of gadgetry, imho.

  2. Yeah the Micro was awesome, I’ve got the Famicom Anniversary edition too. I keep meaning to buy the alternate faceplate for it which has the Controller 2 design.

    I’d use mine a lot more but I can’t find the charger at the moment! 🙁

  3. That’s cute! Perfect gift for my son, I’m pretty sure he’ll be delighted. Do you have an idea how much is this?

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