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Zelda: TP NFR, Autographed Games and why Nicola is missing!

Zelda TP NFR-This may have been used elsewhere, but this Zelda Twilight Princess Not for Resale Disc is said to have been used at E3. The seller states: This Zelda demo disc is one of the rarest Wii games as it showcases the first two playable demos ever shown for the Wii at E3 2006.  This demo has a menu system unique to it’s particular build and may never find its way to eBay again.   EDIT: Judging from the comments posted, this was widely available and used in Wii kiosks as a store demo. (Sold: $162.50)

-An autographed copy of Bill Elliot’s Nascar Challenge for the NES. The point being that probably makes this legit is: who would want to fake this?! (Sold: $27.66)

-Get quirky and hygenic with some hand made Space Invaders Soap

–Someone got lazy and decided to put Nicola up for auction again. The nerve of some people! (Sold: $8.37)


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  1. I thought that disc was just the general one that was put in the Wii Kiosk units when it first came out (and was a full copy of the game no less). I know there was a Zelda NFR and I coulda swore it had the same cover as that one.

  2. If my opinion is worth anything I’m pretty sure that’s a legit signature on the Bill Elliot game.
    It looks like the signature I got from him, and if it’s fake it’s passable

  3. That is Wii Demo is the second kiosk demo used in Wii Kiosks (at least GameStop / EB). It is the same demo disc as E3: it’s the fishing and dungeon scene played during Nintendo’s press conference. The disc should have come in a plain white Wii Case.

    The first ever Wii Demo was Excitetruck, with one small catch. The game, and all of its packaging was all the real, full retail game with one ITTY-BITTY difference. There was a small sku number on the back of the case that was one digit different from the real retail version (one was 0000, the other 0001 I think).

    There’s at LEAST 4000 copies of that Zelda disc.

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