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Metal Gear Solid 2 Corporate Bond/Shareholder Limited Edition


It must be nice to be an investor for Konami in Japan.. You get this nice Limited Edition copy of Metal Gear Solid 2: Son’s of Liberty. This was given exclusively to a few of Konami’s shareholders and is regarded as one of the rarest MGS games. I’ve never seen a sealed copy, only used on Ebay. I made an offer and it was turned down. Good luck and Enjoy!

Not for sale, it was given to investors purchased corporate bond of Konami Computer Entertainment Japan in 2001. The price was 1,000,000 yen”

This website has scans of everything included in this package. Drool worthy.


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  1. A full entry in the Metal Gear Collector Database can be found here:

    phyod is quite a known seller, myself even I’ve purchased a rare item from him, however he often asks prices 2x+ then what the current market value is

    what would be a real find is to get that game with the original shipping box with message card and magazine

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