SEALED Stadium Events

More expensive than a grey Nintendo World Championships cart.
Will it be more expensive than a gold one?
Will it be the most expensive NES game ever?

NES collectors are going crazy.

The NIB Stadium Events Auction

Want to know more about this holy grail? Let me quote Wikipedia: At the time of its launch during the holiday season of 1987, Stadium Events was only available at Northern-region Woolworth’s Department Store, which was a test market for Bandai.[11] In 1988, Nintendo purchased the North American rights to the FFF mat technology and re-released it as the Power Pad.
The two Family Fun Fitness-branded games that had already been released, as well as Bandai’s version of the running pad accessory, were pulled from shelves and presumed destroyed.

ps Mb7241 has been the first one to notice the auction.

More Stadium Events On eBay:
[phpbay]Stadium Events, 10, “”, “”[/phpbay]

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. Haha, I kind of like analysis because it’s hard to argue with. Collecting video games (or anything really) is extremely selfish and covetous in nature. But really, for the people that hoard and collect with some justification… what is the end goal here? I know what my reasoning is…

    Hopefully everybody follows the lead of Steven Cabernetti and donates 25,000 video games (mostly factory sealed) on his death to one of Stanford University’s video game preservation projects. I also would like to see more of these museums and preservation projects show up in the future.

    So what’s the real point of shelling out $20k for a sealed NES game when either way it’s going to end up in a museum no matter who bought it or how much it sold for… but I guess the sold value makes it worth more historically afterall?

    Just some thoughts… (to stop the immature bickering)

  2. @Grooveraider:

    Seriously dude, “I’ve been around long enough to know NES collecting was prosperous until you types arrived.”. I’ve been around for just over 10 years. Where the fuck were you? No, you haven’t been around long enough.


    You do know that I don’t like the NA community as much as you, right? Of course you don’t. The difference is I don’t spew verbal diarrhea like you do and don’t try and sell screencaps for $500. Idiot.

    Btw, I like how you call me Andy Botwin… which is not my real name and something I just changed on NintendoAge less than 3 days ago and is literally only something on NintendoAge. You couldn’t make that connection without going to NA. COULD THE GREAT DUTCH, HATER OF NINTENDOAGE, HAVE RECENTLY VISITED THE SITE HE HATES SOOOO MUCH. Holy fuck guys, SUPER HYPOCRITE AHOY! You hate it so much and yet, you still view it. Nice fucking job, moron.

  3. What did you people say? i can’t hear you wright…oh you all speaking with your mouth full.
    bitches sucking dick.
    Sad really.
    Why does nobody give a reaction on the aladdin/S.E. compairison?
    The seller has a big box full of S.E. sealed found somewhere and saw the way the aladdin stock went and is doing the right thing.
    Selling them slow and cashing in on the greedy and then trowing them all on ebay,destroyed the value and laughing his ass off all the way to the bank.

    About the sad dain bitches.
    Im really sorry and sad that you can’t see your getting raped.
    I can talk about this on and on online and comment on comments and im going to.
    Im working on…
    NES collecting THE pyramid SCHEME
    Because thats actually what nes collecting has become.
    With older collectors cashing in and off new collectors.

  4. I’m going to have to go with maximus_clean on this one “There isn’t any possible comparison”. Nazi’s though? Where did the idea for that one come from? Did it sound funny while you were writing it? It sure as hell isn’t funny to re-read.

  5. @portnoyd – Only 10 years?! Please, stop embarrassing yourself, really. Click on my name and take a look at my 20 year history in this hobby. Its no wonder you jerk off to shitty games like Stadium Events.

  6. Im siding with grooveraider here. just one look at his youtube channel shows he has more experience in this hobby then anyone else writing here will ever have. Don’t know how many copies will continue to pop up but it sure as hell is not worth blowing 5 figures on. These arent just popping up from 1 corner in the US they are coming from everywhere. Quite frankly its lost all of its appeal to me. Boring. Im surprised nobody has contacted Bandai and asked them clear out there warehouse full of copies 😉

  7. Dutch, if you can’t afford the hobby don’t collect NES games. Don’t be bitter because you can’t afford to be part of the ‘pyramid scheme’ LOL.

    It’s just like almost everything else in life; money talks. Many people don’t like it, but it’s reality. EVERY hobby eventually develops into being controled by money. You don’t have to agree with it or like it, but at least understand that there is nothing you can do to change it.

    Oh, and since we *KNOW* you still come to NA, how does Dain’s dick taste?

  8. Maximus your a fool.
    looks like nobody learned anything from the economic crisis.

    Grooveraider :are you not 1 of the few people that actually played sim city for the nes?

  9. Grooveraider, I’ve always loved the videos you’ve posted from the times you’ve gone to CES and the early E3s. I like that you’re a big Gunpei Yokoi fan. You’ve always seemed like a cool guy.

    I’m shocked at some of your posts in this thread. Yeah, you have a lot of history with 90’s Nintendo, but not as a collector. This is a different world man. It’s not about what is “good”, or what you could easily buy in a store in the 80’s. If you stuck me in a electronics or action figure store in the 80’s I could be a millionaire from spending a few K.

    I appreciate the videos you’ve posted and your knowledge of the trade side of things, but you’ve made it very clear you don’t understand collecting at all, and you never will, nor will Dutch, Nintendo, and a lot of other posters (I will not call them collectors, they haven’t proved that they collect shit).

    Just drop it man, before I lose all the respect I have for you.

  10. @Its a sad day – Another thing I don’t like is for people to be anonymous when they post comments to me. I’ve been a gamer since the Atari 2600 era followed by the NES and SMS. I collect whatever I feel is worthy – hence the autographs of legendary game designers / engineers.

    At the same time collecting can go as far as being subjective. I’m only adding my skeptism towards the so-called “supply & demand” of $21,000 video games like this game “Stadium Events”. I personally feel this is all being orchestrated into something more sensational than it is beneficial to the hobby. Which leads me back to the anonymous buyer.


    I won’t settle for just a supply & demand answer.

    You can lose respect for me but it your loss not mine !

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