Mountain Dew Halo 3 Game Fuel, SNES Pack Ins and More

Clearing out my watch list tonight.

Mountain Dew Halo 3 Game Fuel 12 Pack Box – This would be neat to hang onto if it still had the cans and was sealed.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Halo 3 12 pack BOX ONLY

Unused NES Nintendo Rental Description Stickers

Here is a stack of roughly 80 stickers that were meant to stick to the inside of the clamshell cases that rental stores used to use to rent out NES games. These stickers are from various manufacturers, and give basic information and a brief synopsis of the game and its attributes. These stickers were not readily available to the public, and weren’t often kept after the NES stopped being rentable. Not to mention the majority of them were tossed if the store didnt immediately need them. Anyway, this is a really rare thing to have, and this may be the only opportunity you have to acquire them!

NES Nintendo Rental Description Stickers

Nintendo Donkey Kong Country Skateboard

nintendo Donkey Kong Country Skateboard

SNES Super Nintendo System Ken Griffey Pack In

SNES Super Nintendo System w Box Ken Griffey RARE

SNES Super Nintendo Killer Instinct Bundle

SNES Super Nintendo Killer Instinct Bundle Box

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  1. The rental stickers and the Donkey Kong skateboard are just re-listing, I guess no one really wants them…. had them on my watch list, I mean I’d like them, but I wouldn’t jump at the chance if I saw them.

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