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Gold Steering Wheel


Club Nintendo offers alot of good incentives to Japanese gamers. Nintendo gave these Gold Steering Wheels awhile back for their platinum members. What did Nintendo gave away last year for their North American friends? A recycled hat that nobody wanted from Club Nintendo Japan.


I’ve had this for sometime now on my watch list. A Limited Edition Individually numbered White Xbox. What’s even nicer is the fact that this console wasn’t engraved by the person who bought it. They had the opportunity to do so before they buy it. The seller is asking for alot though.. I know Link featured this 2 years ago and I wasn’t sure how much that one ended. There’s actually another seller selling the same thing (from Hawaii) in which you can offer a price (and hes not asking alot for shipping either unlike the Japanese seller).

If it’s too much for you, here’s a Panzer Dragoon Limited Edition White Xbox (seller states that it’s yellowing though).


Last but not least, a very nice Splosion Man poster (11″x17″) from Comic Con. Not alot of these are made I imagine since these are promotional posters. Very cheap BIN too.


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  1. Mayhem, the hat prize was for platinum members. You got a choice between the hat and the punch out download. I chose the had. The gold member prize was a calendar.

    I do agree that we get shafted over here in the states… Just go to ebay and type Clube Nintendo and you will see a whole bunch of cool stuff from Japan… everything from gold Link figures to red and green GameCube controllers with M and L on them

  2. On the Panzer Dragoon Orta Xbox…it’s important to note that the seller says it’s non-working and is being sold as a “junk console”.

  3. @Mayhem: No worries–all three items were instantly forgettable. “Yay, I spend hundreds of dollars in games and you let me pick between a 5 minute addon or a hat that isn’t even exclusive. Yippee!”

  4. I went for the code BECAUSE it was exclusive, and it’s a nice reward. But yeah, I do hope this year there is something better. I have a bundle of the Japanese Club items from people in Japan or off eBay, but they cost about the same as they do in the US Club in terms of coins. You need to buy a lot of games normally to afford them! Just because they exist doesn’t mean they are easy to get…

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