another SEALED SE

It looks like the famous sealed Stadium Events has reached a whole new price range for videogames. Are the first 2 bidder online casinos? 40,000 USD, this should be featured by news worldwide.

Will the seller really get all that money?

Will the second higher bidder see that there’s another SEALED STADIUM EVENTS on eBay right now?

So far, it’s still unclear if the SE has been resealed or it’s a factory seal. A suggestion might be asking for better pictures.

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More Stadium Events On eBay:
[phpbay]Stadium Events, 10, “”, “”[/phpbay]

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. high end nintendo collectors are morons, and the rest of the world knows it. That why you keep seeing this stuff pop up. create an exact replica for 3k, sell for 40.. if its so rare how would anyone know the diff? they wouldnt.. A sucker is born every day, in the nintendo collector world there are plenty to go around 🙂

  2. LOL!
    Something happend to the offers on the first SE, maybe the second high bidder really retracted the offer, or the first one did: now it’s at 39K!

  3. If you search stadium events in ebay now theres about 10 of them and one of them is a clear scammer 0 feedback and the same pic being used as this one. Theres even a complete copy for $856 BIN atm.

    I think a lot of these NES “rarities” are well over exaggerated.

  4. I really want to hear the outcome of the original sealed auction. I would say I make a relatively good income, but even if I had virtually unlimited disposable income, I can’t image spending $40K on a video game of any kind.

  5. My mistake just realised the majority of them on ebay are PAL releases but being sold by american sellers.

    Theres a cart only copy there atm at $480 thats ntsc and a manual for 4,5k is there any differences between the pal boxes and ntsc boxes? because if you would buy the cart and manual then just use a PAL box would be miles cheaper than 40K.

  6. This is basically ruining our chances of ever finding the game in the wild again… One pops up so every greedy person who buys a storage unit or shops at estate sales decides to dig through their crap… and all the people who are selling it claim to have not known about it until the first one popped up and realized they struck gold…

  7. This one does look a little rough in my opinion. Is that yellowing? The plastic doesn’t seem “tight”. It’s hard to tell with eBay photos. They really need to up the quality and size of photos they allow there. That, and, people should take nicer, brighter pictures, well, unless they are trying to hide the faults 🙂

  8. also I only hate on nintendo people because..I actually have like 10+ HIGH END sealed games, with horz seals and all the tell tales, they look 100% real, feel 100% real except.. there is no game inside… (opened a sealed one from VGA because i heard there might be fraud going on) (already have a warrent through state troopers out for the seller) but there is an exact ceramic cart/weight inside. Looks 1000% real. actually I sent 3 to vga and got them 1 of them up..nothing inside but bullshi+ (hope noone on here buys the other 2) Had I sent them all to VGa I coulda made some decent $$ since they dont care they just want the grading fees. no matter if they are real or not, seal them up and put a $1000 tag on them that noone will pay….. I got ripped in the as$.people just need to know anything is possible.. Dont be stupid, use your head.. no nintendo game is worth $500. the equipment to make/duplicate ANY of them is available

  9. You whiners need to stop making up stories. It makes no sense whatsoever for someone to construct a ” exact ceramic cart/weight” to put in a fake sealed game when they could just toss in a SMB/DH cart.

  10. Hey “Truth”, reveal yourself or your words don’t mean a goddamn thing here on Gamesniped. I’m so thrilled people are becoming skeptics over these so-called “high in-demand” NES carts. Its time we turn up the heat and reveal you scammers ^_^

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