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Most Expensive Video Game Sale Ever – $41,300.00

While there are several video games which have broke the $10,000,00 mark, the record to date has been $21,00.00 for a NES Campus Challange Cart. Tonight, that record has been destoryed.

A factory sealed Stadium Events cartridge for the Origional Nintendo NES has sold for a whopping.

How? WHY?

Well, that’s a bit of a story.

Most of you probally already know the history of the game, but assuming this article gets picked up elsewhere, here’s a bit of background info without getting into too much detail.

The game itself features an Olympic-style Track and Field competition, with events such as the 100m dash, 110m hurdles, long jump, and triple jump. Esentially a random crappy sports game, but one that worked with the company’s Family Fun Fitness Mat (think an early Dance Mat-esque Accessory).

Nintendo liked the conecpt so much, they bought the rights. The Family Fun Fitness Mat became the Power Pad. Stadium Events was recalled and distributed under an entirely different title, World Class Track Meet.

There’s a ton of controversy surronding the game as well. Just read some of the flaming that happens when the game is brought up on forums, or even in our previous posts here. Some say only 2000 copies are believed to have been produced. It was once rumored to be initially released only at Woolworth’s department stores in the Northern region of the US as a test market for Bandai. Most collectors agree that the later theory is now completely destroyed.

Earlier this month an eBay auction of a NES console along with a complete copy of the game ended up selling for a staggering $13,105.00. With such a huge value, and a seller who fluked into having the game, the auction garnered a ton of publicity. It was featured on just about every video game related news site in existince, and even garnered publicity on mainstream news media.

Since then, the crazies have come out of the woodwork. Craigslist is full of pople looking for the “Stadium Events game I had as a kid” and eBay has tons of uneducated buyers paying rediculous ammounts for the significantly more comment PAL version of the game. A few real copies have surfaced, but this sealed copy definately takes the cake.

How rare is it though? We’re looking at estimates of 6-7 boxed and 3 sealed copies. One of the sealed copies was originally sold for $800.00 and then again at $3200.00 or somewhere around there – which everyone thought was crazy at the time.

There is also one that was supposedly at Bandai HQ in the US that was sealed. A few people said they had a display case with all their NES titles and that FF pad sealed, but no one knows what happend to it when they moved to wherever their new HQ is.

So there you have it. US $41,300.00 for an old video game. Which is sealed and you can’t play.


More Stadium Events On eBay:

[phpbay]Stadium Events, 10, “”, “”[/phpbay]


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  1. You guys amaze me. I understand your argument completely, it just seems like you are the same people that insist the 911 attacks were a consiracy taken out by the US government…

    Not everyone with money cares where they spend it or about ruining the collecting hobby. People have insane amounts of money to spend on even more retarded things than video games.

    You guys just sound more and more jealous of the people that can pay $10K to $40K for a video game everytime you post.

  2. @Grooveraider

    The past 13 years of retail and auction sales say that you are wrong. Out of millions of sales and transactions, how many complete SEs have been sold and how many have accounted for?

    There’s the solid facts.

    That’s all anyone has to go by including yourself.

    Sure there are more out there, but EVEN WITH WORLDWIDE MEDIA ATTENTION ONLY A FEW MORE HAVE SHOWN UP. A year from now if a cache of thousands has been found, you will have proven a point.

    BUT Until then:

    a.) All of your “de-hyping” attampts are based on speculation and rumor. you are no better than your conspiracies about the SE price fixers.

    Provide solid fact on market quantity or Provide solid fact that “retailers of old” have stock available and are sitting on unopened cases or STFU

    b.) yes the woolworths thing has been debunked as being the only sales outlet. move on, no one is arguing with you there. YES YOU WERE ACTUALLY RIGHT ON SOMETHING

    c.) people can spend money on what they want. if they are stupid enough to spend 40k on a game so be it. why do you even care?


    Right back at you bucko.

    Oh Wait LOL, I found out who in the latest copy of EGM:

    February 1, 2010

    Official Decree of teh League of Internet Message Poster Conspiracy Theorists

    I, King Dutch, from the royal family of Buttpirates in the land LaLaRaRaRetard, by the power vested in me at E3 1996, I now pronounce Grooveraider to be the Sole Authority of Video Game collecting.

    Due to his faithfulness to sticking to his guns, no matter how inane the comments, he shall forever post on message forums with this power. He shall never be wrong, and he shall debunk and correct any Stadium Events thread from now throughout history, as anyone with sole authority should.

    Go forth and proclaim this title to the world and to Los Angeles (where facts are just rumors and rumors are true)”

  3. Hahaha isn’t it funny how I totally predicted all of their conspiracy talk earlier? I ALSO predicted that they would talk about how they think NO ONE CAN AFFORD a $40,000 video game.

    I hereby declare myself the sole authority on nut-jobs who post on Gamesniped.

    Keep posting guys, every statement you make turns people against you.

  4. @Truth – Reveal the bidders and buyers. Stop all this anonymous price fixing. I’m sticking to my statements. The only people who turned against me are the conspirators.

  5. just my 2 cents if the NTSC stadium events craze is all a conspiracy then it would seem plausible that stadium events aren’t super super super rare correct?

    and lets say that was the case for a second…..

    with that being taken into account how come with all the thousands and thousands of NES games that are bought and sold on ebay in a weekly basis that stadium events in one form or another cart’s, boxes, instructions, have only been listed what?… maybe 10 or less times in the last couple years and who’s to say that those carts etc weren’t one of the previous few that are being resold later?

    if stadium events were not as rare as the few here are saying it is wouldn’t it of shown up in one form or another more often then it was?

    yes right now some are getting listed I agree with that but mainly because of all the publicity that the sealed copy got from all the media outlets.

    sure people have seen this game when they were younger in the stores I’m not arguing that at all. but short of going to the landfill with a backhoe you aren’t going to see hardly any more of them because they were probably (not psychic) taken to the dump or destroyed.

    if a company has something thats not selling and is taking up space its cheaper for them to sometimes just throw it out because the space it takes up is costing them money.

    anyways thats just my 2 cents take it with a grain of salt

  6. @portnoyd – If I was totally wrong – you and your cohorts would ignore me like i’m some wacko and go about your business and this thread would’ve ended. But I see you and your buddies defending this thread tooth & nail. What are you guys hiding ?

  7. @Link – I LOVE Gamesniped – I really do. And I appreciate the thread for not being moderated. I’ll quit this thread out of respect.

  8. No worries at all, in for a penny, in for a pound.

    Check this out though. Was looking through search referrals today though:

    147. stadium events + ebay + retarded + grooveraider
    16 Refferals


  9. Grooveraider:i think portnoyd and the others are proberly owners of a SE copy and protecting its value. real simple awnser to what they are hidding.

    About the rarety of SE.
    think about this: After the sealed copy $40k price attention how many SE copies have popped up?
    NOW compaire that to nwc gold/grey and 1991 campus cart auctions,also got a lot attention and how many popped up after the hype?
    There you have it,nwc and campus cart much more rare .
    More people have SE and hyped it up,to bring the price up.

  10. I honestly and mean this with all heart wish I was in on this conspiracy and did own half a dozen, hell even one stadium events in any form.. that B^&( would be up on ebay in a flash. LOL

  11. @dutchthewannabenesgamer

    “think about this: After the sealed copy $40k price attention how many SE copies have popped up?

    The answer is 1 CIB which is definitely a resealed box and possibly a fake, and 2 loose carts

    So there YOU have it! NWC and Campus cart ARE much more rare! OMG, they should be worth millions!

    JUST like my one of a kind used condom from when Dutch’s Dad nailed Port’s dad in the anus a few posts up. That one is even more rare!! Dutchs Dads semen must be worth billions!!! I mean after all this amazing semsn did give us a really smart, quality collector like Dutch!

    So what is your point?

    Have you looked for an SE box or manual in the past decade?

    Have you found one for a reasonable price within the past 5 years?

    Hell how many have you seen in the past 5 years?

    If you did find one, would someone even sell it if you made an offer?

    If so what was that price?

    Where is the manufactured hype?

    If your thought process and spelling are any indication of your education, it is apparent that Economics 101 was not in your curriculum at school. So let me help wikipedia help you learn something:

    I mean this is day 1 basic stuff:

    “Supply and demand is an economic model of price determination in a market. It concludes that in a competitive market, price will function to equalize the quantity demanded by consumers, and the quantity supplied by producers, resulting in an economic equilibrium of price and quantity.”

    So, I suggest you take your overstocked,snake-oiled rhetoric and peddle it somewhere else, because there just is not enough demand for it in these parts. No one is buying it.

    And FWIW, I only wish I had a CIB copy of Stadium Events. Too late for me now. At least I’m not going around being a crybaby about it.

  12. ^^^^^
    hahaha this is another anonymous fool.
    He uses wikipedia ,WIKIPEDIA people to make a point.
    HAHAHA you are a FOOL.
    OMG i hope this is a joke.
    How many SE i have seen uhm about 25 cib (PAL)
    And dont be like that ,ill call my dad if he will bang you.
    jesus all you had to do was ask.

  13. @dutchtheseedofanasswarbler

    You just proved my point, you could have at least used your wits, but instead you resort to slinging poo like a monkey.

    Your knowledge of scientific biological transmogrification is only outmatched by your zest for kung-fu treachery.

    Also we are not talking about PAL games , and never have been. PAL SE is a dime a dozen.

    The only fool here, is the one who doesnt get the facts right at the debate.

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