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Nintendo Super Mario Bros & The Legend of Zelda Towel

Most of the time if I stumble across an item I’d like to pick up for myself, I’ll plug it anyways. Truth be told I don’t need any more random crap, and if it’s a truly awesome item I feel bad when I don’t share it.

I never plugged these two towels however, as it slipped my mind until there were under twenty minutes left. I had planned to pick these up if possible, and had snipes in on the $50 – $70 range. Surprisingly to me, I lost both.

It’s no $700 Earthbound ruler, but $70.00 for a Zelda towel is pretty hefty.

Zelda Towel Here (Sold For $74.00)
Mario Towel Here (Sold For $55.00)


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  1. Wow – I’ve got that Zelda beach towel, didn’t realize it was much of a collectible. Unfortunately, mine *does* have some fading.

  2. Heh, I was planning to bid on it as well since it didn’t have bids on it until the last few hours remaining. Ah well, I got myself a complete Zelda Exin Castillo’s set for cheap :D.

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