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Metal Gear Solid Touch Promotional Posters

What is the one platform that you see less here at If you guessed the iPhone/iPod platform, then you are correct. There’s really not much to talk about really since the platform itself relies heavily on the micro transaction model. Its extremely rare to find promotional materials for these games since the publishers rely heavily on word of mouth and blog mentions or reviews. But not today..

It’s hard to imagine that Metal Gear Solid 4 came out almost 2 years ago already. It is and still remains as one of the best selling games on the Playstation 3. On December of ’08, Konami announced that Metal Gear Solid was coming for the iPhone/iPod Touch. While it resembles much of its big brother, MGS4, the game was entirely different. It was more of a Time Crisis hide-and-shoot game. It was one of the best looking games at the time if I remember it correctly.

Remember the MGS2 Corporate Bond copy I posted a few weeks back? Well, the same seller added 2 poster sets recently and one of them is a set of not 1, but 3 promotional posters for Metal Gear Solid Touch. According to the seller, these are official Konami posters used to promote the game. The seller also has another interesting poster which is the Metal Gear Solid Ghost Babel Promo Poster.


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  1. Although the seller often has rare MG items, his prices are WAY overinflated in comparison to Yahoo Japan prices. In fact, he even sells on both and commonly buys items on YJP to flip on ebay.

    He helped me get my first wine bottle though so I’m not bitching.

  2. youre violentsnake from if so, man i f’in envy your collection. great job on the site. i enjoyed reading it awhile back. i use it for resource sometimes πŸ™‚

  3. hey yeah that’s me, i always keep my eye on gamesniped for MG items

    i have nothing like the sealed stadium events cart but i do have some nice MG stuff πŸ™‚

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