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NASCAR Challenge NES Autographed/Signed by Bill Elliott

You know those awesome but pointless things every gamer has in their collection? Well this trumps them all.

It’s Bill Elliott’s NASCAR Challange, signed by Bill Elliott! Think of it as a Signed LE Version!


What’s next after such a crowning achievement to your collection? A Signed John Madden 97 PS1?

And the best part:

The BOX , itself, has been hand-signed by Bill Elliot and re-SEALEDÂ in the FACTORYÂ replica seal to protect the signature!!!


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  1. Mike ,HEY mike tyson, see this MINT boxed version of punch out.
    What about it kid? you want me to sign it?
    Hell no, i want you too bite a piece off!!

  2. I have a sealed copy of Cosmic Ark for the 2600 that’s signed by one of the programmers. I bought it as part of an auction benefitting Child’s Play a couple years back. I think I paid about $70 for it… don’t ever expect it to be worth anything, but it’s a fun one to have floating around.

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