Nice Price NWC

1990 Nintendo World Championships No 0087Â w official program

This one will sell.

And..Indiana Jones Display – Atari Counter Top NM

Now, listen to me very well, all you proto collectors. In the following days (maybe even tomorrow) I will put for sale on our forum and others (like ASSEMblergames) my almost entire prototype collection. You’ll be able to get stuff like Frogger 2 for N64, Iron Hammer for Sega Genesis (Sega VR title), Beirut Breakout for Genesis, a Sonic 3 sample cart and many many more.
All the items will have a fixed price plus a best offer option. Samples will be for N64, SNES, GB, Genesis-Mega Drive, Atari 2600 and others more recent.

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. Cool. Thanks for sharing. Please consider cheap shipping for us folks in the states.

    Why is now, the right time to part with your collection?

  2. Will you be detailing what makes them different from the retail release? I generally only buy protos if there is something different from final/retail version.

  3. Sorry Nicola…but I dont believe that NWC will sell anywhere near that price. Despite its history. Just way too much glue residual showing.

    The NWC cart has been overflated for some time now. Once those far and few between collectors have theirs and are satisfied, this cart will plummit IMO.

  4. As for the NWC, I’ve been offered actually the same and more during my last auction 1 week ago. Yet mine has a better label.

  5. And you didnt take it?!

    Gamesniped has a great effect to sell items. So many collectors with holes in their pocket come here. When items get plugged, I often see a sale price double from when one isnt plugged.

    $7k+ for your NWC would have been a for sure sale in my book. If you hadnt taken it at that price, thats just crazy.

    Here is my NWC stuffz.

    As for this NWC you posted, as it is known, it was owned by the winner of powerfest 94. That nastolgia would really be the only reason I would think of purchasing it anywhere near that price.

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