Dashing Desparados Sega Megadrive Proto

Nicola already mentioned this proto, but I feel it deserves a second glance. Primarily because, as is shown below, the game looks pretty friggin awesome.

Two cowboys try to win a girl’s heart by racing each other in platform side scrolling run and jump obstacle courses. The first to arrive will get her love. The cowboys can jump, pick up weapons and dash at regular intervals to gain some extra speed. Single player and two players mode.

Maybe I’m wrong here, and I haven’t read any reviews, but this game looks like an epic two player game to me. As someone who is a Genesis fanboy, and who grew up with the system, I’m left wondering why I have never played this. I plan to remedy that as soon as possible.



Halo 3 USB Flash Drive – Featuring a awesome die-cast metal case with a bright blue Halo 3 logo on the front – and a sad, sad 128 meg capacity.

Pokemon Heartgold / Soulsilver Promo Poster – As I have said before, send me YOUR auction and I will probably post it, it doesn’t have to be worth 10k monies. Side note, anyone played these? As someone who has not played Pokemon since Yellow, Blue & Red, I’m wondering if these games would hold any interest for me.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Signed by Evanescence – Around six types of pointless. Unsurprisingly, ended unsold.


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  1. Yeah a rather pointless set of autographs to get on a GBA. It’s like getting Miyamoto to autograph your lawnmower.

  2. I’m sure it would, but it may also cause the lawnmower to suddenly roll off and embark on a quest for the Triforce while you’re in the middle of trimming the front lawn.

  3. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are remakes of Gold and Silver from the GB/GBC. They were made to address the problem kids in Japan have that they can’t get their GB/GBC era Pokemon into the DS versions without using the GBA era games as an intermediary.

    Basically if you stopped after the first generation Pokemon games playing these is like picking up right where you left off.

    Later this year a new Pokemon franchise game is also slated to be released as well.

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