NWC, finally without a BIN nor Reserve price

As I told you, the last NWC sold, for 6k.

But how high would go an auction without a BIN nor a reserve price?

I think that this NWCÂ would show you the true current value of this grail…but as many of you pointed out in the comments, the auction looks way too suspicious. Buyer beware!

…meanwhile the NWC with peeled label has been dropped to 4K. At least it’s real!

Other stuff:
Raiden DX PlayStation SAMPLE GAME
Usually Expensive Fatal fury Special SNES
Playstation 1 PS1 prototype keyboard mouse adapter

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. WARNING: This is the seller that sold a boxed Stadium Events using a photoshopped picture of DNG’s copy. I would suspect that this is also a scam.

  2. Hey, I made gamesniped news! (I was the one who bought the other NWC for 6k).

    Anyways, what is it with this time of year? I’ve been looking for an NWC for the last six months or so and none of them pop up… then suddenly three of them surface in two weeks. I do agree that this one looks kinda shady, though…

  3. I really like that PS1 keyboard adapter, but $400 BIN? I’d have thought $100 would have been more realistic.

  4. Buyer claims he bought a box of games on ebay that just happened to contain a NWC and Stadium Events cart? Nope. No Way. Couldn’t be any shadier than this one, I feel bad for whoever gets ripped off by this.

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