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Nintendo NES Caltron 6 In 1 – 60 Pin Famicom Version

Does anyone know more about this? I have never seen a Famicom version of the Caltron 6 In 1, and have no idea if this is a run of the mill pirate, something previously unknown, or poissibly something I have been blissfully unaware of. Loose value for the normal NES Caltron is somewhere between $100 – $200. Oddly enough, there are several avilable on eBay atm.

[phpbay]caltron nes, 10, “”, “”[/phpbay]

You can find the 60 Pin Famicom version here, and an auction from the same seller with both the NES and Famicom version is here.


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  1. Lol at the price of Power Strike 2, Its rare but no that rare especially the Australian version can be found in lots quiet commonly and to make it better that copy doesnt even include the manual some people are just silly.

    I’m currently selling a load of Brazilian Tectoy exclusives on ebay including Mickeys Ultimate Challenge (second rarest game for SMS behind smurfs 2) surely would that get a mention here? That genesis ds 16 looks bad ass.

  2. I’ve actually got a bunch of Tec Toy stuff on my watch list atm. Possibly yours, but feel free to shoot me an email with a link.

    • Bad timing, as I never got to plug them. Looking at your completed sales you did manage to get some decent prices. Sorry I couldn’t help though.

  3. He says he doesn’t sell bootlegs or copies and yet he has a fake box which pushed the price to $300. The box could be considered either or both.

  4. That Twilight Princess demo is complete and just because someone made a insert (using a scan of the sleeve it came in) doesn’t make it a auction of a bootleg or copy. That is being taken a bit more literally than the seller means it (meaning they don’t sell bootleg/copied games).

    Makes me happy to see over a 100% potential profit on the copy that I have, should I try to sell it.

  5. hey link

    i’ve got myself also one of these Caltron 6 in 1 nes famicom version games, in the yellow case.

    I’m looking to sell it but as i can’t find it anywhere i have no idea of the thrustworthyness or the value of it.

    please reply…

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